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Barrie & Aliston Denture Clinic

Barrie Denture Clinic
34 Cedar Pointe Dr. Unit 510
Barrie, Ontario
L4N 5R7

Tel: 705-728-9898
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Aliston Denture Clinic
9-180 Parsons Rd.
Alliston, Ontario
L9R 1E8

Tel: 705-435-7189
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Our Services

  • Full Dentures
  • Partial Dentures
  • Implant Solutions
  • Fast Same Day Repairs
  • Same Day Relines
  • Soft Comfort Liners
  • Lab On Premises
  • Sports Gaurds
  • Wear Dentures Same Day As Extractions

  • Barrie & Alliston Denture Clinic

    The Denture Specialists

    The Denture Specialists

    Serving the Barrie Area since 1997

    We are Ted and Andy Protopapas, owners of the Barrie Denture Clinic. We believe that you deserve a beautiful smile and as Denturists we understand the design, fabrication, insertion and adjustment of dentures. We know that every mouth is different and requires the perfect fitting denture for ultimate comfort and a pleasing appearance. We take the time to handcraft each patient's dentures at the clinic in our fully equipped lab located right on the premises.

    The convenience of having your dentures handcrafted on the premises of the Barrie Denture Clinic means you will receive your dentures sooner. There is no middle man which means no delays, resulting in considerable savings for you.

    At Barrie Denture Clinic we also know that dentures don't last a lifetime. We recommend yearly check-ups in order to maintain a healthy mouth. We believe that it is best to be fitted for a new pair of dentures every five to seven years to ensure optimum comfort and fit.

    As well as full and partial dentures, we provide many other services, such as repairs of broken dentures, relines for loose dentures, soft cushion liners for sore dentures and proper denture cleanings. Precision dentures which use the latest advancements in techniques and materials are also available.

    If you have flat gums and suffer from sore, loose lower dentures you may be a perfect candidate for implant retained dentures. Dentures as comfortable as your natural teeth offer a wonderful improvement to your quality of life, as well as an end to adhesives and a restricted diet.

    Our practice is devoted to creating dentures that fit well, look attractive and allow you to maintain a healthy mouth. At The Barrie Denture Clinic we are committed to offering you the highest quality service and personalized care. We offer complimentary consultations and our services are covered by dental insurance plans. Call us today for your complimentary consultation. No referral is required.

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